I’m starting a spending fast; my goal is to not spend money on anything except basics. I’m a pretty frugal person, but realize that all my little thrift store purchases do add up, plus we’ve spent a lot of money on our house in the last three months, so it’s time to reel it in and just take a break.

I’m going to track how much I spend on what each day, in hopes that there are lots of days with no entries, and hence no spending, listed here. A little public accountability is good for anyone.

Jan 29 – Wow. Today was a veritable spending frenzy. I ordered a couple of specialty pans from King Arthur’s, then went to Walmart and bought some essentials (shampoo, dryer sheets) plus some non-essentials (nail polish, new flour canisters, hair clips for Princepesa, a new box of nails for Viking… you get the idea), then to Aldi’s for a ham and a bag of potatoes for company on Sunday. Oy.

Jan 28 – McDonald’s for lunch and a Papa Murphy’s pizza on the way home from church to eat for dinner. Not our healthiest day, obviously.

Jan 27 – nothing

Jan 26 – Hobby Lobby – oven bake clay for our history project: a Sumerian seal. (See pics on our Flickr page)

Wow – just noticed I have not bought gas since January 8 and I’m only just below half a tank! Not going anywhere has soft savings too.

Jan 25 – nothing

Jan 24 – nothing

Jan 23 – Hobby Lobby – crafts for girls club sleepover

Jan 22 – Aldi’s – milk, fruit, etc. (in budget)

Jan 21 – nothing

jan 20 – nothing

Jan 19 – nothing

Jan 18 –  nothing

Jan 17 – Target – a few household things (in budget)

Jan 16 – Sam’s (in budget); fabric.com order – I have some baby gifts to make and found some perfect fabric here. I had a coupon code and did not buy the four extra fabrics that I originally had in my cart too. Goooood girl.
Jan 15 – nothing

Jan 14 – I bought sixty pounds of sand for $3.49 to use for a history project this week. Didn’t need sixty pounds, but that is all I could find and couldn’t beat the price. You can see what we made with it when I post our Friday report on our school blog, Agnus Dei Academy.

Jan 13 – nothing

Jan 12 – nothing

Jan 11 – nothing

Jan 10 – pedicure, haircut (in budget); Walmart stop for a list of things like dog food and printer paper. I had five things on my list and walked out of Walmart with five things in my bag. Minor miracle. In budget.

Jan 9 – nothing

Jan 8 – Aldi’s (in budget), Shop N Save (in budget), gas (in budget)


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