We have some big doin’s about to happen around here.

Effective today this blog is now defunct. I will be blogging at Still have some tweaking to do over there, but let me know what you think.

Please update your bookmarks, your feed readers, or however you find me. Don’t want to miss any blathering or yet more pictures of my kids, right?


I have great plans for handiness and craftiness today.


  • The hot water handle is leaking in our shower. After some judicious time with Google, I believe this is something I can fix. (One of my mottoes in life is, “How hard can it be?!”) I went to Home Depot to get what I needed and talked to Joe in the Plumbing Dept who was remarkably helpful. I was trying to figure out which size valve wrench I needed (see how I sound like I know what I’m doing?) and he recommended I get the set that has all sizes in it. It was $23 and I objected to that since I only needed one. Much to my surprise he told me to just save my receipt and “rent” it for $23. Huh? When I asked if he was really telling me to do that, he asked me how my portfolio did last year. I snorted (or something equally ladylike) and he said yes. So I did.
  • The light is out over my stove. It’s part of the microwave that is over the stove, so hopefully that will be an easy fix.


  • I have needed some flour canisters for a while and although I looked at these, I balked at $16.95 and besides – they just look so…. food service. Then yesterday at Walmart I found some glass canisters with screw on metal lids for $5 each. I’m going to fancy them up and put them into service!
  • I found some four inch square picture frames at the Target Dollar SpotĀ  a while ago. They were three to a package so I bought 3, for a total of nine frames. They are plain pine so I am going to fancy them up and put them into service today too!

So – now I’m off to play. If I don’t flood the house or short out the electricity, I will report back on my progress!

A pile of bills

Can I just say that I love online billpay? The fact that I can sit down with a pile of bills and in ten minutes, click, click, click, I have paid all the bills for the month – well, that’s just one of the great developments of our time. No licking nasty envelopes. No looking for stamps. No late payments. If only there was a click, click, click way to do taxes.

So, I’m done with that chore. And now I’m off to build a model of a ziggurat with my kids.

(By the way, if you haven’t heard of Financial Peace University, and you could use a little financial peace right about now, you should look into it. It’s a fabulous program and well worth the time and money to do it.)

We’re not totally green to pastoral ministry, but this is clearly the first time we’ve been on staff in a church of this size, let alone been the senior pastor. While we knew what we were getting into, the details have been hitting us the last week and it’s been a bit grueling. It’s a busy season between all the services and Our familyAdvent preparations, filled in with the extra year end office stuff such as finalizing next year’s budget and calendar and doing annual reviews. We have a lot of entertaining to do, which we enjoy. We also have some seriously ill members and some who are dealing with new and serious diagnoses. The daily load on my Beloved is daunting and although I’m on the sidelines, I feel his pressure and share his burdens when I can, mostly by earnest prayer and being a listener.

I think what they don’t tell you about pastoral ministry, and probably couldn’t explain to those who haven’t experienced it, is the emotional resiliency required to move back and forth between talking to families who are broken-hearted about their children’s choices and celebrating with new parents who are dedicating their baby to the Lord. In one day Beloved will visit a terminally ill member in a local hospital, talk to family members who are dealing with aging parents or struggling with a call to missions, work on sermons for current and future weeks, and come home to our children who pile on him squealing with joy because daddy is home. Moving back and forth between the joy and pain that people experience in variousĀ  situations in life and finding a balance between coping by just disconnecting, and in serving your congregation by sharing their pain and joy (Gal 6:2) is a challenge that you don’t learn about in Bible college.

As a wife I pray for my husband to have strength for the duties and to serve with a full and generous heart. I make an intentional effort to allow him to be free to do so. As a mother I work hard to make sure my children don’t feel that the church takes too much of daddy’s time and mental/emotional energy. We are very deliberate about planning family time and yet sometimes the duties are just there and must be done. We want our children to understand that it’s an honor to serve this church, and that a life of service is an offering to the Lord. We’ve always prayed that we would be poured out as a pleasing offering to God (Phil 2:17) and love being a shepherd for this flock.

A dear friend regularly prays over Beloved, and it means a lot to us. He prays that God would give Beloved the strength to bear the burdens he has to bear, and to let the burdens go that he does not have to bear. There is so much wisdom in this, and something I have been praying too.

We live in a lovely neighborhood with mature trees lining the streets.

Trees. Leaves. Fall.

You see where I’m going with this?

My elderly neighbor has been regularly and carefully raking down the property line between our houses so I decided we’d better take the hint. We spent all morning yesterday raking leaves. Six or seven or a hundred leaf bags later we were done and the kids were cheering since we promised them hot chocolate when we were done.

Until I pointed out that we raked up the leaves from just one tree and we have about four more that haven’t really started dropping theirs yet. We’ll see how long hot chocolate is a good enough enticement before we have to switch to “we all work together and you are going to do your part!” with the kids. Or with Beloved.

Today I had the pleasure of getting up, making the bed, dressing, brushing teeth/hair, making coffee, cleaning up from visitors last night, feeding kiddos, and marching downstairs for school… all without touching a single box. That tells you how far we’ve come on actually getting settled in the house. I didn’t have to dig for a pair of jeans, a comb, coffee filters, or the spelling workbook.

This week the goal is to get through most of the boxes that are still in piles around here. Mercifully unpacking is much faster than packing, so I think I can make good progress. I got some curtain rods up late last week and I’m planning to break out the sewing machine this week and go to town.

Pictures area coming. I promise. As soon as I find my camera cord.

that I love this house?

God is good.

The end is in sight on the manual labor part of this house and I’m getting close to the fun part – sewing new drapes and hanging pictures and all those things that make it look like a home instead of a construction zone. Our bedroom is still a work in progress because getting all that wallpaper off chewed up the walls quite a bit and will take a lot of patching and sanding to get into good shape. Otherwise, the kitchen is about done – need to do one last touch up coat of paint on the doors, but they are hung and ready to get the new handles on. The living room and dining room are both done, the hall and hall bath are pretty much done, and both kids rooms look good.

Tomorrow I’m going to touch up all the last minute paint and clean up the construction mess, then hopefully by next week I’ll be ready to start sewing! I’ve been reading slipcover tutorials and screwing up my courage to give it a go.

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