You may have noticed an abrupt change in my blogging rhythm. That’s because I have had the stomach flu; Principesa has it too. It’s the kind where everything you’ve eaten for days is forcefully expelled via the nearest exit. I think this is the most I’ve thrown up since I was pregnant with Princepesa. (Too much information? Sorry.)

So anyway today is the day I know we’re not going to die, but now I’m going back to bed.


We just had some generous grandparents in our congregation pick up both kids for a sleepover with their granchildren. We get a date night! (Or we will as soon as my Beloved quits frantically typing some notes on Board agendas…)

The problem is that Viking is going to tell them everything he knows. No secrets with him. I’m trying not to worry about what he’ll say.

Get him a 10 oz hammer, some scrap wood, and a little box of nails.

Pounding nails

Viking’s talking to himself in this picture, giving instructions and reminding himself not to smash his finger. LOL

You can see how prolific he’s been here:

Been busy for a few days

He told me if I’d buy him an axe that he would cut down a tree and cut up some more firewood for us.

I think we’ll wait a while on that one.

It was a cold weekend here, and while I don’t mind winter, I’m looking forward to Spring. This is the first time in years that I have had a place to garden to my heart’s content and I’m eager. I ordered a pile of gardening catalogs and can’t think of a better way to spend a cold evening than to flip through catalogs and dream.

Until I can actually get my fingers in the dirt outside, I decided to play in the dirt inside this weekend. Well, not dirt exactly, but stay with me. I had several boxes of flower bulbs that I got for a dollar a box because they were damaged cartons. So I gathered up the clear vases I had and decided to force some bulbs inside, just to keep the dream of Spring alive.

Forcing bulbs for Spring

I took the kids on a field trip to the local park where we collected rocks to fill the vases. (Nevermind it was about 20 degrees on Saturday. We had tissues for the cold runny noses.)

Why, yes, we are cold!

We took the rocks home and filled the vases halfway, then arranged the bulbs and added more rocks. I had enough bulbs that I turned my fruit bowl into a bulb bowl and used the compressed soil that comes with the bulbs to fill that up too. A little warm water and a sunny window, and hopefully we’ll be enjoying fresh flowers in a few weeks!

Bowl of amaryllis and paperwhite

The very favorite day of our week is Friday, because that is Beloved’s day off. I plan our school week and all my other work around Friday so that we can just revel in uninterrupted time with Daddy. It starts with the kids piling into bed with us as soon as they wake up, until someone starts crying from an elbow in the nose. We almost always do a big breakfast together and then do the minimum for schoolwork.

Making waffles

And then we play. We go to the zoo or go bowling. We hit baseballs and tromp through the park. We eat Taco Bell for lunch and Daddy doesn’t answer his phone. We cook together and take naps. We spend the entire day reveling in each other’s company and laughing.

We love Fridays. Daddy’s home!

I plugged in my camera to download some pictures yesterday and made a discovery.

A Kid's Eye View of the World

Apparently Princepesa spent some time hauling my camera around and snapping pics.  I flicker of annoyance crossed my mind, but then I enjoyed looking at everything she took pictures of. It looks like she just wandered around and took pictures of anything that caught her eye. It’s a little view of her world.

I hope it always stays this easy to see inside her world.

My handy dandy super glue tubeOK, it’s not really an ode because I’m a terrible poet. Call it a tribute to superglue. It’s an essential part of every mother’s kit and should be sent home from the hospital with those teeny tiny diapers and that starter tube of diaper ointment.

In the past week I have fixed the following things using my handy dandy tube of superglue:

  1. a plastic toy drill
  2. a ceramic Christmas snowflake
  3. Principesa’s “1st Christmas” ornament
  4. a three wise men figurine (a gift this year and broken already – sigh)
  5. a pink folding vinyl notepad

Sometimes I even blow off the tube and give it a swirl before I throw it back in the kitchen drawer, like I’m blowing off my pistol.

Edited to Add: I already have something to add! I glued the foot back on a Playmobil knight this afternoon…

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