I have great plans for handiness and craftiness today.


  • The hot water handle is leaking in our shower. After some judicious time with Google, I believe this is something I can fix. (One of my mottoes in life is, “How hard can it be?!”) I went to Home Depot to get what I needed and talked to Joe in the Plumbing Dept who was remarkably helpful. I was trying to figure out which size valve wrench I needed (see how I sound like I know what I’m doing?) and he recommended I get the set that has all sizes in it. It was $23 and I objected to that since I only needed one. Much to my surprise he told me to just save my receipt and “rent” it for $23. Huh? When I asked if he was really telling me to do that, he asked me how my portfolio did last year. I snorted (or something equally ladylike) and he said yes. So I did.
  • The light is out over my stove. It’s part of the microwave that is over the stove, so hopefully that will be an easy fix.


  • I have needed some flour canisters for a while and although I looked at these, I balked at $16.95 and besides – they just look so…. food service. Then yesterday at Walmart I found some glass canisters with screw on metal lids for $5 each. I’m going to fancy them up and put them into service!
  • I found some four inch square picture frames at the Target Dollar SpotĀ  a while ago. They were three to a package so I bought 3, for a total of nine frames. They are plain pine so I am going to fancy them up and put them into service today too!

So – now I’m off to play. If I don’t flood the house or short out the electricity, I will report back on my progress!


It was a cold weekend here, and while I don’t mind winter, I’m looking forward to Spring. This is the first time in years that I have had a place to garden to my heart’s content and I’m eager. I ordered a pile of gardening catalogs and can’t think of a better way to spend a cold evening than to flip through catalogs and dream.

Until I can actually get my fingers in the dirt outside, I decided to play in the dirt inside this weekend. Well, not dirt exactly, but stay with me. I had several boxes of flower bulbs that I got for a dollar a box because they were damaged cartons. So I gathered up the clear vases I had and decided to force some bulbs inside, just to keep the dream of Spring alive.

Forcing bulbs for Spring

I took the kids on a field trip to the local park where we collected rocks to fill the vases. (Nevermind it was about 20 degrees on Saturday. We had tissues for the cold runny noses.)

Why, yes, we are cold!

We took the rocks home and filled the vases halfway, then arranged the bulbs and added more rocks. I had enough bulbs that I turned my fruit bowl into a bulb bowl and used the compressed soil that comes with the bulbs to fill that up too. A little warm water and a sunny window, and hopefully we’ll be enjoying fresh flowers in a few weeks!

Bowl of amaryllis and paperwhite

I splurged on an Upper Case Living decal for my front door a few weeks ago. I hadn’t put it up yet, so decided this afternoon was the time.

I was excited about it.

I thought about what people might think when they came up to our front door and we welcomed them into our home.

I read the instructions several times. I even got out a tape measure and measured it. This from the woman who just eyeballs everything, much to my Beloved’s chagrin. I carefully cut it in half so part would be on each door. I followed the instructions to a “t”.

Guess what I didn’t do?


I didn’t put the two halves on the correct door. I reversed them.

Words can’t describe how disappointed I am right now. Phooo.

My daughter saw how disappointed I was and reminded me that everyone makes mistakes sometimes. She’s right.

Maybe other people have used this phrase, but Nester is the first place I heard it. Since I’m doing a spending fast, I have been shopping the house to finish some decorating and nesting, and I have made some really fun discoveries! I guess that’s the upside to having a lot of things in storage for five years – it’s like Christmas opening boxes again.

Indian pillow covers

My favorite discovery so far? These two Indian pillow covers. They are going to look fabulous on my couch. The problem? I don’t have any pillow forms that fit them. And I can’t buy any. Doh!

Last night’s party was a fun event. All the food was hot at the same time, I was showered, and the bathroom was clean when everyone arrived. What more could you want, other than a Rosie to clean up afterward? A whole lotta this is what greeted me this morning.

Party aftermath

So what did I do? Went thrift storing! I hit the jackpot at one of my favorites. I have quite a few more curtains to make and have been waiting for patterns to go on sale at Hobby Lobby or Joann’s. That is until I found this pile –


Eighteen patterns for twenty five cents each. There are patterns for curtains, table linens, slipcovers, decorative pillows, and bags and accessories. Enough home sewing to keep my busy for months! I was verra verra excited…

Principesa is all girl – the girliest of girls – and we had a friend come over and ramp up the girl factor in her room today.

Adding flowers

She painted a flower border all the way around, painted faux shutters inside the window seat, and started adding some extras such as a picket fence in one corner. She’s coming back tomorrow to finish up.

Needless to say, Princepesa is thrilled speechless. Which is really saying something.

I inherited a church tradition: a joint board Christmas dinner at the pastor’s house. It’s one I’m happy to continue – I really enjoy entertaining – but this is entertaining on a grand scale. A Deacon board plus an Elder board including spouses, plus all the pastoral staff including spouses. Grand total? About 40 people. It’s not the food that’s a problem, it’s the seating! Fortunately we currently have no furniture in our living room, so I put twenty people in there, and we took down our little dining room table and put in a big folding table in there seating ten more.

Living Room & Dining Room

One more table for ten in the family room and I can now seat 40 people.

The Family Room

No one can move once they have been seated, but they can at least all sit to eat. I have no idea what we’ll do next year when we (hopefully) have furniture in the living room.

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