You know the old saying about twenty one days to make a new habit, right? And I’m sure we all have habits that we have had for years – either good or bad. I’ve struggled with twisting my hair since I was a little girl, and have bitten my nails on and off. My daughter Princepesa rubs a tiny mole on my forearm for comfort or affection and has since before she could even crawl.

These things wear a groove into our brain and become easy, comfortable patterns to just continue.

I can’t help but wonder sometimes what kinds of brain grooves I have which are intangible. Behaviors such as hoarding stuff because I grew up poor and struggle to this day with “I might not be able to get this again so I’d better hold onto it.” Subconscious self-speak like telling myself “I’m not a very nurturing mother.”

I recognize that I have positive brain grooves to balance the negatives, such as an abiding faith. My life story has given me story after story of God’s provision and providence, and I have the gift of faith because of this. My Beloved calls me a pessimistic optimist because I often say, “I can’t imagine how this will work out, but I believe it will.”

Which brings me back around to making new habits. I’ve been thinking more about what kind of brain grooves I want to have. Being more conscious about giving away things I don’t need rather than stockpiling. Recognizing that no mother is SuperMom and we all just do our best and pray for our children. And thinking about what positive grooves I want to add to my life. My most important goal right now is to weave God’s word into the fabric of my life. Studying God’s word needs to be a groove that runs across everything else and I’m working on making it deeper and wider.