I am not a competitive person. My Beloved doesn’t even like to play on my team when we do team board games like Trivial Pursuit or Password, because I frequently give clues to the opposing team. This drives him bonkers because it’s totally outside of his little world view where you.must.win.

That said, I have discovered one tiny streak of competitiveness in me. It’s over solitaire scores, so it’s just against myself (or my laptop, depending on how you want to look at it). I have Windows Vista and the solitaire game that came preinstalled has very pretty cards, so I have played it more on this computer than any other that I’ve had. (Call me shallow, but I’m a visual person and the aesthetic appeals to me.)


Anyway, my win/loss record and percentage appears after each game. To date I have played 281 games and won 98, for a win percentage of 34%. Don’t choke – this is over months of a few games here and there.

It’s not until recently that I have paid attention to my win percentage and been trying to bump it up higher. In the past I’d turn off the scorekeeper and restart a game anytime I got stuck, but now I’m watching that percentage! I just can’t get the percentage over 35%. I even wondered out loud one evening if the game was adaptive and getting harder the longer I played, to which my Beloved snorted and replied that I’d watched too many Stargate episodes.

So I guess I do have a corner of my mind that is competitive. It’s funny to learn things about yourself that you didn’t expect to find. And now, I’m off to play solitaire. I think if I win just a few more games in a row I might bump my win percentage up another point.