New craft bagI have taken up embroidery again so I decided to make a bag to keep my current projects in so I can grab it and go. I used the same general technique as my nieces purses and modified it to fit what I wanted to use it for.

It’s roomy enough to put both pillowcases in that I’m working on for the kids. I put my initial on the outside like I did on the nieces’ purses. I meant to put a pocket on the outside, but I forgot until I had the side seams done and didn’t go back to add it.

I made pockets on both sides of the inside. On one side I just divided it evenly into three Inside of the bagsections for things like my phone and lip balm. On the other side I made a double layer of pockets. The bigger layer on the inside is the size for my hoop, and then the smaller layer on the front fits my needle case, scissors (made a cute matching scissors case), and an invisible marker and a pencil.

I’m wondering if I should have put a stiff base in it, but I’ll use it for a while and see how it goes. I guess I could cover a piece of cardboard with the scraps and tuck it in the bottom.