My handy dandy super glue tubeOK, it’s not really an ode because I’m a terrible poet. Call it a tribute to superglue. It’s an essential part of every mother’s kit and should be sent home from the hospital with those teeny tiny diapers and that starter tube of diaper ointment.

In the past week I have fixed the following things using my handy dandy tube of superglue:

  1. a plastic toy drill
  2. a ceramic Christmas snowflake
  3. Principesa’s “1st Christmas” ornament
  4. a three wise men figurine (a gift this year and broken already – sigh)
  5. a pink folding vinyl notepad

Sometimes I even blow off the tube and give it a swirl before I throw it back in the kitchen drawer, like I’m blowing off my pistol.

Edited to Add: I already have something to add! I glued the foot back on a Playmobil knight this afternoon…