We certainly enjoyed our time away and got in plenty of naps, books, movies, sewing (I’ll do a show and tell post soon), and shopping. Still, it’s good to be home. I had to drive all the way home by myself last night because I was the only one not in a drugged-by-cold-medicine stupor.

And what greeted me – besides the sad Christmas decorations everywhere that we didn’t put away before we left – was our bed! Oh, glory. We love our bed. Maybe it’s sad to be so excited about something, but for the first time in our lives we have a nice bed and it’s glorious. It’s a king size memory foam mattress, and I got it for a song through Craig’s List.

In keeping with my never pay retail philosophy, I have learned that the best way to get good quality things at a great price is to buy used from wealthy people. They don’t expect to recover as much of their original investment and usually just want to get rid of whatever it is. This particular woman wanted to get it out of her house before they left for a month in Italy. Ahem. She’d had it for two weeks and didn’t like it and wanted to go back to her futon. Go figure.

Flannel sheets, a fluffy pillow, and a cheap, fabulous mattress. Wow. No you know just how little it takes to make me happy.