We are pet people; we had a dog named Molly for 11 years before we moved overseas and giving her away was hands down the hardest part of going to the field. Princepesa wanted a new pet so badly after we got back to the States that she could taste it, but we told her we had to wait until Daddy was done with seminary since we didn’t know where we’d move after that. As soon as she learned to write she’d leave notes on Daddy’s pillow almost every night in her childish scrawl – “I want a cat”  – an effective way to keep the pressure on.

We now have a dog named Sadie. She was our family gift to ourselves when we found out we were indeed staying in St. Louis. You may remember me talking about my challenge in house training this little bundle of fur.


Bless her little pea pickin’ heart… she’s a simple soul. She regularly runs into the patio door or screen door, she can’t find something right under her nose, and she always fall for the pretend-to-throw-the-toy trick. She’s finally got the only piddle outside thing down, but she’s so distractible that it sometimes takes several trips before she remembers what she’s out there for.

And yet we love her. She is mostly my dog, but is remarkably patient with the kids and their favorite game – “Let’s catch Sadie!” She likes to snuggle, is well behaved for hair brushing and toe nail trimming, and wags her tail when you come home.

She learned “sit” easily enough, but I haven’t bothered to teach her anything else. I mentioned to Beloved that we might want to sign her up for an obedience class to work on some other things and he informed me that they would send her home with a refund and the diagnosis that she is a ding dong. I didn’t know whether to laugh or be offended, so I did both.