calendar-de1We’re still unwinding from December. I was looking ahead to January and happened to look back at the month view of December on my calendar. All of the yellow boxes actually looked funny! There were four days the entire month when we didn’t have some kind of appointment or party or event. That’s why the week and a half of one long line indicating vacation was so anticipated. We did it last year and planned it again this year. I think it’s going to be a tradition for us, because as much fun as December is, it’s exhausting and it helps so much to take this week off and go into the new year rested and ready to go back to full speed.

So the agenda this week is a nap, followed by a movie, followed by a few chapters of my book, followed by a nap. I even brought my sewing machine and a bag of fabric and thread and stuff. I will be snoring in the new year, not ringing it in. Ahhhhhhh…..