I have always loved to read. I grew up without a television and within walking distance of a public library, so I would walk to the library every day, check out as many books as they would let me, walk home and read all day, then return them the next day and check out more. I was a pretty indiscriminate reader – starting at the top of one shelf, and going straight across the shelves to the bottom. My first job was in that library and before long my boss, Margaret, would not let me shelve in the juvenile section because it took me so long; I was always stopping to read a book that I hadn’t seen before. Even as a young adult I would commonly read until the wee hours of the morning or even all night, then go on to class the next day. All this reading made me very fast reader and a great Trivial Pursuit partner.

However, I have found as A mish mash of bookslife has ramped up a little that I have less time to read. Or I should say, I make less time to read. I still have time to myself in the evenings after the children are in bed, but by then I’m tired and tend to just vegetate on the couch rather than sit down with something else to concentrate on, like a book.

I’m feeling the loss of all those books though. I miss diving into a new world and a new cast of characters. I struggle feeling like my brain has somehow atrophied since I had the babies and started reading Dr. Seuss and Berenstain Bears as my primary reading material. I find myself surfing blogs and websites and watching Stargate reruns in the evening, which is admittedly not great brain food. As I mull on my past year and my goals for the coming year, the quest for self-education keeps coming back to mind. My goals for 2008 were totally derailed by the amazing changes we went through this year, but we are feeling settled again and I am ready to go back to being deliberate about self-education.

So, I guess you could say my goal for this year is to make time to read. Call it a New Year’s resolution, or just a renewed determination to stay sharp and keep growing, but that’s my plan for the year.