I knew December was going to be ridiculously busy, so I planned ahead and did all my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. All of it. Even had my stocking stuffers done.

I did not, however, wrap a blessed thing. I hate wrapping gifts. Consequently – I had to endure a wrapping marathon tonight. Here is the wrapping debris.

Wrapping Debris

Warning: If you are particular about the more aesthetic aspects of Christmas, and gift wrapping in particular, stop reading now. Just go away and come back to tomorrow. I don’t want to offend anyone.

So I had to wrap a small mountain of presents. Here is my wrapping confession:

  1. I ran out of tape so I switched to my tape gun. Oh yes I did. I did at least cut it in little strips so it looks like regular tape, but it’s the shiny tape gun tape all the same.
  2. I did not trim the ends of most packages where the gift wrap was too long to fold neatly over the ends. I just creased it as best I could and mushed it down.
  3. I wrapped several gifts with no boxes. They were unusual sizes and I just added more tape to make sure it all sticks together.
  4. I did not use gift tags. I did the cut-a-square-of-gift-wrap-and-tape-it-on-upside-down trick.
  5. I used the 99 cents for 200 bows kind of bows on all of them. At least I added more than one bow to some of the bigger boxes just so it didn’t look too anemic.
  6. I don’t feel guilty about any of this since it will be ripped up and thrown away in a matter of days.

Forgive me.