Since a grand total of three people read this blog, I think it’s no problem to show pictures of what I’m making for Christmas presents for my three older nieces.

Niece Gift #1

It’s a purse with a matching coin purse and tissue holder. I also added a little cross stitch kit, just to round it out. Here’s a picture of the lining (pocket and love note) –

Inside pocket

And a closer shot of the coin purse and tissue holder.

Coin purse and tissue holder

Almost all of my sewing stuff has been packed for who knows how long – three or four years? – so this is the first real project I’ve done in a while. I spent the morning digging through all of my sewing stuff and setting up a little sewing area. I got my machines set up, found some extra lamps, sorted notions into baskets and went through my fabric stash to see what was there. I had a ball. I also realized how long it had been since I sewed! I broke three needles – a record – and ran out of bobbin thread mid-seam more times than I can count. I forgot to embroider her name on it before I put the outer purse together so it came out off-center since that was the only way I could hoop it in the embroidery machine (I was too lazy to take it back apart). Still, I did it all without a pattern so I haven’t forgotten everything, and I think the purse turned out pretty well. I can’t wait to get the others done with these lessons learned. I’ll post pics once I get them finished too.

Princepesa likes to sew, so she worked on a coin purse of her own while I worked on mine.

Principesa's Coin Purse

Viking decided he wanted in on the fun, so this is his coin purse.

Viking's Coin Purse