I’m making a list of the things they don’t tell you when you are shocked to deliver a male child. I already have list items like these:

  • They smell much earlier than you would ever dream. Sweaty heads and stinky feet. I’m serious.
  • Bodily noises are funny without anyone telling them they are funny.
  • Don’t expect a real kiss (one not involving a head butt, I mean) anytime after they turn three. Unless you bribe them.

Today I’m adding a new one. Viking got presents for his fourth birthday and included were two boxes of K’nex. We love toys like this – requiring creativity and problem solving and all kinds of options for different masterpieces. It’s inspired a new list item however.

  • It apparently requires an engineering degree or a four year old brain (are these really interchangeable?!) to build anything shown on the box of a cool construction toy.

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