Captain No Beard celebrated his fourth birthday today with a pirate themed party. (Because of course what I needed in the middle of two big church Christmas parties at my house was a birthday party!)

The Birthday Boy

This is Captain No Beard and his crew, all doing their best pirate “Argh!” You can only imagine how much noise a group of seven boys from four to six years old can make!

Captain No Beard and his crew

I always make special cakes for the childrens’ birthdays, and for this one I made a treasure chest cake for Viking. I took some pictures along the way so you can see how I made it.

Step One

I baked two 9×12 chocolate cakes. And yes, I used boxed mixes. Puh-leeze – do you think I’m Martha? No. Notice that I even used disposable pans.

Step One

Step Two

I cut each in half and layered three halves together to make the chest, then put the fourth half on a piece of cardboard (covered with foil) for the lid.  After I iced them I dragged a fork through it to give it a wood grain appearance.

Step Two

Step Three

I piled all the “gold” on the front half of the chest and that is what held the lid open at an angle. I added more gold and jewels once the lid was on and sprinkled crushed Nilla wafers around the treasure chest for sand. The straps are made with yellow fondant.

The Finished Treasure Chest Cake

And like many parents, I had fun at the party and in the back of my mind kept wondering how my little baby turned four. I’m so thankful for my children, and am honored to be their mother.