Tonight is the big party. Would you like to see what a home kitchen likes when you make dinner for 40? Here’s my kitchen in all it’s glory as it looks right now.

A busy kitchen - steaming up the windows in the whole house
Hopefully this will be a serving line in a few hours

The metal folding chair is where Viking has been standing all morning and helping. Hasn’t slowed me down too much. (smile)

I’ve been dithering about whether I have enough potatoes mashed, so I put five more pounds on to cook and just put the ham in. I need to go give the bathroom a swipe and pick up the dog toys everywhere. I need to finish putting the greenery around the centerpieces on the tables. I need to put out all the silverware and salt and pepper shakers. I need to finish all the iced tea. I need to put out the luminaries. I need to take a shower and put some makeup on.

The dinner starts in about three and a half hours.