I inherited a church tradition: a joint board Christmas dinner at the pastor’s house. It’s one I’m happy to continue – I really enjoy entertaining – but this is entertaining on a grand scale. A Deacon board plus an Elder board including spouses, plus all the pastoral staff including spouses. Grand total? About 40 people. It’s not the food that’s a problem, it’s the seating! Fortunately we currently have no furniture in our living room, so I put twenty people in there, and we took down our little dining room table and put in a big folding table in there seating ten more.

Living Room & Dining Room

One more table for ten in the family room and I can now seat 40 people.

The Family Room

No one can move once they have been seated, but they can at least all sit to eat. I have no idea what we’ll do next year when we (hopefully) have furniture in the living room.