After our friendly Laclede Gas Man Hero came over yesterday afternoon, I trotted myself off to Lowe’s and bought a new thermocouple. I installed it this morning and it works just fine. Oh yes I did. I don’t know if I spelled that word correctly, but I now know how to install one!

I fixed it myself!

See that copper coil in the back right? That’s the little beastie right there.

In other news, Beloved hung the Christmas lights on the house. Princepesa wanted to get on the roof with him too and on the theory that if they are not afraid then we should let them step out, Beloved hiked her up there with him. She had fun, although we ran out of lights before we finished so I had to run to get more and she almost froze before we got her back down. Don’t tell Grandma.

Beloved and Principesa on the roof