Bread dough, that is. I love getting messy up to my elbows in bread dough and since my children love to both get messy and eat fresh bread, it’s become one of their hobbies too.

Princepesa kneading bread

I’ve never been brave enough to mill my own flour, but I’ve been making more and more bread. I’d like to get to the point that I make most of our bread. I have just started experimenting with sourdough and have been using the recipe from the King Arthur Flour blog. It always comes out too dense and not very flavorful when I make it, so I’m wondering if I need to change flours. I have been using regular all-purpose flour. Think bread flour would give it a better crumb? Add a little oil? And I’m kneading by hand because I don’t have a mixer that can handle bread dough – could that be the problem? Any advice from more experienced bread bakers?