I’ve never cooked special food for my kids; they just eat what we eat. They didn’t even eat baby food – I just mushed up what we were having. Consequently my kiddos like a lot of things that average kids don’t, like seafood (Viking is passionate about shrimp), all kinds of fruit and vegetables (they both ask regularly if we’re having asparagus for dinner), a lot of ethnic food.

And yet. Despite all my best efforts, their lunch of choice is still macaroni and cheese. I’m using the word “cheese” loosely here. It doesn’t sound as good to call it macaroni and soybean oil-food starch-cheese cultures-and-salt. It’s just as easy to make pasta and red sauce (my other go-to lunch option) but this is the only one that makes them jump up and down and cheer.

Mac and Cheese

When we lived in Bulgaria, the missionary kids always wanted mac and cheese for special meals and whenever someone coming in asked what they could bring, the answer was “mac and cheese, please!” I have no idea how this stuff reached this honored status, but there you go.

Personally I can think of a few other things I would jump up and down about if it was offered to me for lunch.