I’m excited that the Christmas season is here. It’s fun to celebrate with kids and see it all through their eyes. And hate me if you must, but I have all of my Christmas shopping done, right down to stocking stuffers. I’m feeling crafty so I’m going to do some fun gifts for all my nieces too.

But since Advent starts tomorrow, I want to first focus on that. Starting that before we put up our tree or wrap gifts or anything else helps keep the priorities correct.

We’ll be doing a Jesse tree – this is an old tradition, and more recently a family business we started to help others enjoy this special way of keeping Christ the center of Christmas. (If you are not familiar with a Jesse tree, you can read more about it here.)

We’ll also do a Christmas book/movie each day – I’ve been collecting Christmas books for a few years and I pile them all in a big basket. We choose one each day and read a variety of traditional, modern, and fun books. I keep thinking it would be fun to wrap them all and get to “open” a book every day, but I never gather the energy to wrap that many books. (Hatessss wrapping, I do!)

This will be a busy month for us, but we will make sure that the truth of Christmas is not lost in the rush.