So I told you that Principesa was about to lose a tooth. It was so loose that it could bend all the way forward and touch the front of her gums, but she would not pull it out. (eye roll)

Then a few mornings ago she woke up with it laying in her cheek. It had just fallen out overnight! Wahoo –  no blood, no pain, no crying – just an excited kid.

First lost tooth

Beloved put it in a ziploc and wrote “Princepesa’s Toof” on it (family joke – remind me to tell you about our family vernacular some time) and we put it under her pillow when she made the bed.

It was a busy day – missions banquet at church, setup, decorate, clean up, tear down, go home and fall into bed.

Fortunately the tooth fairy woke up at about 5 am and realized with a bolt that the tooth fairy had been derelict in her duties! At which time the tooth fairy jumped out of bed and fumbled around in the dark to find the gold dollar coins she got at the credit union a couple of weeks ago once it became clear a tooth was really loose. Then the tooth fairy tip-toed into Princepesa’s room to see if she could make the swap without waking her up. Mission successful.

Then the tooth fairy went back to bed. Whew. Disaster averted. Can you imagine the tooth fairy forgetting on the very first tooth? One of the pastors at church did ask her if Mommy had given an address change to the tooth fairy since we’d recently moved. Maybe I could have covered with that?