I think this may be an important week in the history of our country. It’s been a prime topic of conversation in my circles even among those who don’t follow politics.

I found this in a book review (unrelated to politics) in our latest issue of World magazine.

Something interesting might enter your head if you let it alone. We are bombarded by media. We are overstimulated these days. We talk too much.

Keep that in mind and think about this –

O God, full of compassion,
I commit and commend myself to you,
in whom I am, and live, and know.
Be the goal of my pilgrimage, and my rest by the way.
Let my soul take refuge
from the crowding turmoil of worldly thought
beneath the shadow of your wings.
Let my heart, this sea of restless waves,
find peace in you, O God.
~~ Augustine of Hippo

Be still, my head. Be still, my heart.