that I love this house?

God is good.

The end is in sight on the manual labor part of this house and I’m getting close to the fun part – sewing new drapes and hanging pictures and all those things that make it look like a home instead of a construction zone. Our bedroom is still a work in progress because getting all that wallpaper off chewed up the walls quite a bit and will take a lot of patching and sanding to get into good shape. Otherwise, the kitchen is about done – need to do one last touch up coat of paint on the doors, but they are hung and ready to get the new handles on. The living room and dining room are both done, the hall and hall bath are pretty much done, and both kids rooms look good.

Tomorrow I’m going to touch up all the last minute paint and clean up the construction mess, then hopefully by next week I’ll be ready to start sewing! I’ve been reading slipcover tutorials and screwing up my courage to give it a go.