Now for the other half of the work on all these boxes. The house is still a construction zone, but I have a million boxes everywhere now too – give or take a few hundred. It’s going to be like Christmas unpacking some of these, since some have been in storage since before we moved overseas.

One important thing is still missing – the cord to my laptop. Gah! I am using Beloved’s laptop to type this, but I am required to take off my watch and bracelet in order to rest my hands on this holy keyboard to prevent any possible scratches, so this will be short.

We were blessed to have a large group of church members come over Friday and Saturday to help with various house projects. It’s amazing how much work a few extra hands can knock out. Towards the end of the day we were setting up a swingset for the kids and went to a neighbors to borrow a shovel. Apparently we’ve been under surveillance, because he told us

I believe the Egyptians built the pyramids with just a few more guys than you had here today!

Cracked us up, but we are humbled and thankful for all the help from the family of God.