I earned my twenty-five gallon pin last night. I opened my FIFTH five gallon bucket of paint. Yes, fifth. Let me itemize for you –

  • I have finished one bucket of primer. (Just imagine how much wallpaper was on all those walls…)
  • I have started a second bucket of primer, because I had yet more walls-that-formerly-wore-wallpaper to put primer on.
  • I have gotten through three-quarters of a bucket of a basic taupe color which covers my dining room, living room, and hallway. Once the family room is done (patching drywall from tearing down paneling) I will paint it the same color and finish up the bucket.
  • I have used two buckets to paint the basement. We aren’t doing a full fledged basement finishing project, so we rented a sprayer and did the walls and ceiling in ivory, and then painted porch paint on the floor. The whole house stinks of paint right now, but it’s going to be a nice school room and play area.

So, five of those big ole buckets. That doesn’t count the six other regular gallon cans I have gone through and the three more gallons I have unopened and yet to do.

Today I’m squaring off with the last of the wallpaper in our bedroom. I think the previous owner put it up with Elmer’s glue, because it just won’t come off. I was ready to throw up the white flag and just paint over it, but a friend found a new miracle product that she thinks will work, so she’s coming over this afternoon and we’ll give it a go.

T-minus two days and counting.