I’ve been going through a forced withdrawal – no TV and no Internet. Quite frankly I’m not missing the TV since we watch very little anyway and I don’t need to subject myself to anymore political mumbo jumbo or financial hysteria. No Internet is not my idea of fun, although I’m discovering that it’s a good thing for a season.

Anyway, an update. We bought the house. (Insert happy dance here.) We are camping here – I say this instead of living here because 90% of our things are still at the old place. I have scraped enough wallpaper to last the rest of my life and just about lost my salvation over it. I have almost finished a five gallon bucket of primer, and am working my way through the paint to go on top of all of that primer. I have ripped down paneling, knocked down two walls, had a light switch moved to a different wall, and have a round of light fixtures to replace tomorrow. I am painting kitchen cabinets, so the doors are covering the floor of my family room and I am diligently painting a coat, letting it dry, turning it over and painting another coat. That’s going to take the rest of the week to finish but hopefully it will be worth it when it’s done.

Let’s see… what else? I have lots of trim painting to do and both bathrooms left to patch, sand, and prime. We’re hoping to move on October 11 and I’ll be done by then. It’s so exciting to see it all coming together! I’m walking around grinning. I keep taking the puppy dog out and staring at the house and just thanking God over and over for being so gracious to us.

This is going to be a great house for us, and I hope we have many happy years here.