I enjoy cooking and do quite a bit of catering. For two years I was our church caterer and did dinner for 50-75 people every Wednesday night, as well as big events and all-church dinners. I am no longer the main caterer, but I do still do a few things. I have an appetizer reception this Sunday evening after our girls’ club awards ceremony and I’m having fun trolling for new ideas. This is a smaller event with about 150 to feed, so I can afford to do some things a bit fussier. I’m working on the menu, and although I will probably still tweak it, here’s what I’m planning:

  • Greek meatballs
  • chicken satay
  • fruit and cheese trays
  • crostini with artichoke dip
  • pita with hummus
  • stuffed mushrooms
  • deviled eggs
  • cream puffs
  • fruit tarts

We’ll have a big cake and a punch fountain as well. I did a chocolate fountain last year, but that was such a mess to clean up that I don’t want to bother with it this time. I have another very big reception in October that I might go to the trouble of doing it for.

I’ll post pictures once I have it set up. I’ve been searching Google images for some new display ideas too. Fun!