I am an inveterate list maker. I am one of those list makers that will write new things on the list just to cross it off because I did it. I even write little 1,2,3’s in the column to the left of my checkboxes (didn’t think I’d leave those off, did you?) to rank how important it is that I get that particular list item done today. (That last one is the part that makes my Beloved just shake his head at me.)

So I went to bed last night and tried to fall asleep but I had so many list items swirling around in my head that I turned the light back on and made a list for today. Whew. Might have been better off if I didn’t put that all down in writing because it was a daunting list!

But, I’m proud to say, I am about to sign off for the night with all of my 1-ranked items done, and a good bit of 2-ranked items done as well.

Ah, the sleep of the list-maker-and-crosser-offer is sweet.