We are enjoying watching the Olympics and have let Princepesa stay up for all of the prime time coverage. This from a family that (aside from Beloved’s college football obsession) does not pay any attention to sports, watches almost zero television, and is strict about seven o’clock bedtimes!

I was thinking last night that it’s a good event that has all four family members paying full attention and talking together and cheering for something. My daughter loved the gymnastics coverage and was heart broken when Alicia Sacramone struggled through her routines. I’ve been really surprised at how well she was following the events – watching lane assignments in the swim competition and commenting on stepping out of bounds on the gymnastics coverage. I had the best intentions of doing a little unit study on Olympics before they started, but we were on vacation so we pretty much just turned the TV on and said, “Look, these are the Olympics!”

So we’re dragging this morning. Princepesa didn’t even get up until 9:30, which I’m sure is a record for her. We’ll get to our school work here in a few minutes. Then we’ll take naps so we can stay up late tonight and watch more Olympics! Maybe I’ll get energetic and make some yummy snacks for tonight while we watch.