1. Going to the Avis counter at the O’Hare Airport will not fix a problem with your rental car if you rented it in St. Louis.
  2. It takes a total of four shuttles to get from our hotel to the Avis counter at O’Hare and back.
  3. Kids love riding shuttles, even when you’re hot under the collar.
  4. IKEA is just as much fun the second time around.
  5. You can’t use your debit card to pay for lunch if the credit union system goes down.
  6. You can’t use your ATM card to get cash either.
  7. The closest shared branch credit union is 3.6 miles from our hotel, at 15 Wolf Street.
  8. Going to the beach is fun even if it’s 74 degrees and overcast.
  9. The closest public restroom to this beach is a looooong walk away.
  10. Penne pasta with pesto sauce and goat cheese and a few shrimp is a fabulous dinner. I will definitely be playing with this recipe.
  11. Navy Pier is a whole lot of fun.
  12. Magicians can do amazing things like turn blue ribbons into blue birds and then into a dog. For real! I saw it!
  13. You can see a lot from the top of the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel.
  14. Watching a big fireworks show off the end of Navy Pier is a great cap to a frustrating day.
  15. It costs $25 to park for six hours downtown.
  16. Even at 10:30 at night, the Kennedy Expressway moves at 25mph.
  17. Tucking in tired and happy babies is sweet. And since they will remember today as a fun day, we will too.