I suppose that title is only funny if you know that I absolutely do not talk that way, and as a matter of fact, I shudder when others do.

Anyway – we are Chicago for a vacation. We left after morning services on Sunday and were here in time for a late dinner. We got up yesterday and went to the Field Museum. After waiting in line more than half an hour to get in, I took precisely two pictures before the batteries died in my camera. Doh! Here’s Principesa looking at a display of Ancient Egyptian jewelry.

The rest of the time we spent telling Viking to get down, stop whining, yes we’ll eat soon, no the animals are not alive, yes they are still interesting… you get the picture. (Note to self: don’t take a three year old to the Field Museum. Especially one of the male variety.)

So today we went to IKEA (wahoo!!) where the kids had fun playing in the (free!) play area and we went and dreamed about hopefully having a house to put some of this cool stuff in someday soon. From there we went to the beach. The first beach we went to had lots of free parking and was never crowded, according to some acquaintances I asked. Huh. No wonder. It was yucky, as Viking said. Nasty bathrooms, dirty beach. On top of that, the water was closed to swimmers because of E. coli. Huh. So – much to the delight of our offspring, we loaded up again and went in search of the beach that had been described as “yuppy” – which is apparently just our speed. Lots of clean sand, bearable bathrooms, middle class families. And we spent the whole afternoon there. Beloved and I sat on towels and read and the kiddos dug and splashed and dug some more. A good time was had by all.

In case you are wondering, I do have photographic proof that my Beloved and I were there.

We are now back in the hotel, sand has been rinsed from all cracks and crevices, and the kids are asleep. Time to get that book back out.