I discovered this evening (the hard way) that the TP was missing from my bathroom. The roll, the bar, all of it.

I immediately deduced that Viking had something to do with it. His eyes got big when I asked him what happened to my TP, and he took me to their bathroom and pointed at their TP roll.

Me: You were out of toilet paper, so you took mine? (who says you can’t read your kids minds…)

Viking: <<nodding>>

Me: Well, where’s the bar for my toilet paper so I can put a new roll in my bathroom?

Viking: <<deer in the headlights look while he thinks for a while>> I don’t know.

Me: What do you mean, you don’t know?! And why didn’t you just get a new roll instead of stealing mine?!

At this point my Beloved chimes in and says, “it’s a fool who looks for logic in the chambers of that boy’s heart!” (Quick –  name that movie!) Notice that my husband is a very funny fellow.

I still can’t find it. The two bathrooms are barely fifteen feet apart, and yet he somehow managed to lose it.