Sunday night after church we invited some friends out for a snack. These saints of the church have been married 57 years and spent many years in pastoral ministry. Iver writes a encouraging devotional each week and is now publishing them on his blog. How many people do you know that have such a heart for ministry and in their senior years are still finding a new outlet for that heart in a way that encourages others and points to Christ?

My husband preached this week on the importance of being an intergenerational church. I have been thinking about that since his sermon and after our time with Iver and Donna, I pondered it some more. We feel blessed to be at this church and humbled to be friends with people like the Walkers and many other veterans of the faith. I pray that as God uses us to minister to his people, that he would also send veterans of the faith (both young and old) to minister to us, teaching us to grow in faith and grace and good works. I hope that as we live out our faith in a community, that together we will learn to be more like him.