My kids are 6 and 3, and I try not to tell people how easy it was to potty train them both. Principesa was trained at exactly two, in the space of about 3 days, and Viking at 22 months in about a week. Both were good for overnights all at once at the same time. (I know – no tomatoes please.) I thought it was a lucky break when Principesa was so easy, but when Viking was a snap – well, I just thought I was good.

Until about a month ago. We have a new family member. She’s a five pound Bichon Frise named Sadie. It was a pretty big deal for us to get her, but it was only after we got her that I read some fine print somewhere that mentioned in passing that this breed is notorious for being difficult to housebreak.


I have already spent waaaaay more time trying to potty train this dog than I did either of my children. gah…