Surely I’m not the only one who reads favorite books over and over? I’ve never understood people who say that they never buy books since they can just get them from the library anytime.

Now mind you, I use our library a LOT (currently have 62 books checked out and 18 on hold) but it’s different than owning a book. I like to remember what the cover looks like and exactly where it is on my shelves. I like to make marks in it for things I like or want to think about it more. I like being able to go look something up in a book when I think of it at 10:22 on a Saturday night. Books are like friends.

In all our wanderings the last few years (moving overseas, moving back, moving to Seminary, moving to a new house) I have been forced to weed my books out a few times. On one hand that is a good thing – a bit like pruning a tree. Narrowing it down to books that I know and love and want to have on hand and getting rid of the musty version of something I likely won’t read again is a good thing. Still there are times when I hold a book in my hand and remember reading it for the first time and feel sentimental about it.

Like now. I’m rereading Jan Karon’s Mitford books. I first discovered them on the book shelves of a cousin when I went to visit family right after Principesa was born. I am not generally a fan of Christian fiction, but I found these books to be so charming. They are funny and genuine and full of life and truth. I rediscovered my copies on the back of a double row of books (not enough shelf space!) this week and started through them again. I remember reading them for the first time in my cousin’s guest room with my newborn daughter lying next to me and laughing and laughing. I’ve read them several times since, and it’s still like meeeting up with an old friend.